Thank you for ordering LOOTED GOLD (through Kenton Limited)

below you will find detailed steps to complete your order.

How to Complete your QOIN Purchase

Open the QOIN wallet on your phone.

Click Send.

Click the camera icon on the right.

Scan the QR code (see above) or Copy Wallet Address

Wallet Address


Enter full purchase amount in NZD $ 39.99

Click next.

You will see a confirmation of the sale amount.

Click send.

Wait for transaction successful pop up to appear.

Send confirmation email to contact.lootedgold@gmail.com with the following details.

Confirmation Date & Time of transaction

Amount paid in NZD dollars.

Name on invoice number & name

Any special request such as book signing and/or with personal note

Address and contact details (to be used for courier purposes)

Once confirmation has been received, the book will be packaged within a cardboard book mailer and then couriered with tracking number via Post Haste couriers.

Thank you for purchasing Looted Gold and using QOIN.