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Hunt for Kruger Millions

Top 10 Lost Treasure Mysteries of the World

Kruger's Lost Hoard

Kruger ponds, produced in South Africa between 1893 and 1900, were recently discovered in a Swiss vault and have since been acquired by the national mint. The discovery of the “Lost Hoard” is believed to be another part of the enduring Kruger Millions puzzle.

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Walter Callaway

- Wata te Waha Huia

(Brown served alongside Callaway in NZ's 1st Contingent during the South African War and wrote about him in his memoirs )

A biography Walter Callaway - a Maori Warrior of the Boer War

was published in 2011 by Mike Dwight

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krugerrand gold coin

Today the Krugerrand is the world's most popular and well used gold currency .

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What exactly is the Kruger Millions Mystery?

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